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Easy to use

01Pour one or more envelopes of this
miracle activator.
02Then flush down solution.
03Repeat each week for 4 weeks and then
once a month.

End septic tank troubles
the easy low cost
septonic way!

  • Stimulate beneficial bacteria activity
  • Liquefies organic waste
  • Digests protein and carbohydrates
  • Breaks down oil, fats and grease
  • Prevents clogging of inlets and outlets
  • Prevents clogging of inlets and outlets
  • Prevents drain field from clogging
  • Reduces odours
  • Safe for the environment
  • Safe for all plumbing

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septonic is guaranteed harmless to plumbing
or septic tank systems.

  • Non-caustic
  • Non-Poisonous
  • Environmentally Friendly

home septic tanks

When sewage is received by the septic tank, the heavier particles will sink to the bottom forming what is known as the sludge bed, while lighter particles will rise to the top forming a scum; this scum seals the tank against the ravage of oxygen, or light, and also forms an ideal culture ground for bacteria.

These bacteria (called anaerobic bacteria) attach both the solids and the scum layer, changing some of it to liquids and gases. The bacteria are carried throughout the septic tank and attack the particles in the water, as well as digesting part of the scum and sludge.

Since all solids in sewage are not converted to liquids or gases by the action of the septic tank, the bottom sludge gradually builds up and the surface scum thickens. After several years these two layers occupy a considerable volume of the tank. This has the same effect on incoming sewage as if too small a septic tank was being used.

Solids are not properly settles in the tank long enough for proper digestion by the bacteria. The result is that solids are carried out into the tile disposal field and rapidly clog the soul and tile, the liquid is forced up to the surface and becomes objectionable and a menace to health and the environment.

Why Use Septonic?

We are concerned with the effluent discharged from home septic tanks into the soil and ultimately our waterways. In systems that are poorly maintained, this effluent is nothing more than raw sewage that has not been properly decomposed.

“Septonic” was developed to keep the system functioning properly. The main ingredient is enzymes taken from digestive tract of beef and hogs. One enzyme splits fat, one starch and one protein.

The combination of these enzymes along with the rest of the formula in the “Septonic” is what helps the septic tank to work the way it should, only much faster. When starch proteins and fats are split by the enzymes, they make it more susceptible to attack by bacteria and more water soluble.

That is why we are able to reduce the solids for four weeks period.

  • Keeps system working properly
  • Formula which helps performance
  • 4 weeks prevention


“Septonic” reduces the necessity of expensive pumping and cleaning out of septic tanks.

After one treatment per week over four consecutive week, the tank will begin to function properly, then simply add one treatment every month at a mere cost of 3 packages per year.

Tank drain will be free from solids and unpleasant odours.

Contact us today for the best septic tank treatment on the market!

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