Marine Biological Cleaning Products

Product List

TZB-22 (dilution up to 1:20)

Surface cleaner and odour controller liquid concentrated (available also in deferent fragrances)

TZB-24 (dilution up to 1:20)

Malodour eliminator. multiple spore blend concentrated (available also in different fragrances)

TZB-EB (concentrated)

all purpose heavy duty rust, scale & scum cleaner Drum 205/L

TZB-FT5 Without cellophane wrapping

5g tablets wrapped in cellophane for effective biological toilet bowl & septic tank maintenance and the reactivation of inefficient septic tanks (minimum order of 5000 tablets).

TZ-SC300 (concentrated)

Highly concentrated alkaline degrease. minimum order 1/205L Drum


waste degrader (5 billion count) (available also in 500g water soluble bags x 25)